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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    7:00am pst, found out i finally passed the medic test. 3rd time a charm at 80 questions. For those who are in the same position taking it more than twice. Keep trying, you'll get there :) Good luck
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    Just retook my medic test again today for the 3rd time. Last two time computer shut me off at 150. This time at 80, i pray i'm on the same boat as you friend
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    What is the best time to setup the NR test?

    Best time to set up a NR test? All depends on you, how long you study and how much you need to study Test results are usually 24hrs unless you took it on a friday then you have to wait until monday to get your results so i would recommend taking it on a weekday.
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    Quick Question about IDs for NREMT

    Social Security Card works, i've been using it along with my license
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    NREMT Studying-JB Learning Paramedic Success

    I used the JB-Learning for the NREMT-P and no success. I am now on my 3rd attempt at the NREMT-P and i'm thinking about using EMT-National-Training along with JB learning. I remember using the EMT-Training for my EMT-B 2 years ago. I hope this will be my last attempt and passing this. Few of...
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    NREMT-P Scoring

    Just curious on how NREMT-P score goes. There are 3 types of grading [A] Above Average [B] Nearly Passing [C] Below Average Obviously a passing is all Above Average, and failing is Below Average. Whats the inbetween Nearly Passing about?
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    EMT-P - 2nd attempt, 150 Questions and still waiting for results 1st attempt stopped me at 154 if i remember correctly
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    Will NREMT Show Some Mercy part 2

    Realest thing i've heard, props
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    For those of you who get to 150 questions....

    Samething but it was for the Paramedic test :(
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    Failed Paramedic Test :(

    You and me both bro, think i'm gon sign up for emt-national-training. I used JB-Learning also and it helped a lot which gave me the confidence but i guess it wasn't enough. Guess i'd be using both websites for my 2nd try. Hopefully it'll be enough
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    Failed Paramedic Test :(

    152, i felt confident walking in also
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    Failed Paramedic Test :(

    Failed the paramedic test, bummed out. I prepped for 3 weeks. Used JB-Learning Test Prep, and Barron's Paramedic book. Felt confident taking the test but that still wasn't enough. I'm still going to study again but at this point I don't know what other books or resources to use :sad:
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    Monetery, CA

    Any medics here that work up in Monetery? Just curious to know the difference between Santa Clara and you guys, I.E. fire on scene, drugs, protocols
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    Most common calls/jobs in your City/Area

    Nah, i thought they were fake but they're full body tonic/clonic seizures with lost of consciousness. + oral trauma + incontinence
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    beginner IV

    Don't let it get to ya bro, i'm sure and positive in due time you'll get more IV's than you could ask for.