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    Canadian reciprocity for American paramedics?

    Things have changed a bit. It is extremely difficult to get licensed in Ontario from outside Canada. I’ve actually get to meet someone who has successfully done it in the last 6-10 years. Each province has a process for this. It’s a matter of contacting the province you want to license in and...
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    You can't contain us in only 1 thread!!! We're bigger than you lol
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    Canada Reciprocity for AEMT from US

    I transferred from the USA to Canada as an AEMT to PCP then AAE ems degree / EMT-P to ACP. Each province handles international reciprocity differently so you would need to contact the province you want to license in. I licensed in New Brunswick where I live. Ive heard of others doing it in Nova...
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    Justice Institute of British Columbia

    I never went to JIBC but several of my co-workers have. Im an ACP inAB and BC.
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    Ontario Paramedics (Toronto/Hamilton REGION) I have some questions about the job market and moving

    ON has a history of granting PCP status to american paramedics where other provinces may grant ACP status. Just something to be mindful of. Ive heard this from several people who opted to get reciprocity in another province.
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    Canadian Flight Medic Photos

    Manitoba has a specific Flight ACP license. The mobility between provinces is pretty easy. The fees are usually just licensing which everyone has to pay. So far in my career Ive been licensed in 5 provinces and 2 states. I had zero issue getting reciprocity in NS, BC, AB and MB. I also have my...
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    clinical rotations

    From a skills check off aspect, we were there for intubations and SGAs. It was also a great area to truly learn how to bag a pt. I had several pts where the anesthesiologist didn't have me tube but bvm with an opa for 30min to an hour... The length of the procedure. They would also be...
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    Patient refusal to vital signs/care?

    In many places this can be a very grey area due to laws and sops. In many places medics and EMTs cannot place pts into protective custody or whatever it may be called in your state. So even if a pt may not be considered competent and a doc is saying you have to take them.... Until police get...
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    Any of your employers pay for outside CE?

    We get most of the alphabet soup courses in house as well as a ton of optional online and in person training/education. If something isn't offered we can put in a request to have have it offered. Most times it is approved. We have access to online courses while on the clock and the in person...
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    B to P, timeline??

    Most of the ALS medics where I work live on the east coast.... Mostly in NS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    B to P, timeline??

    I believe British Columbia accepts NRP. Nova Scotia used to... Not sure if they still do. They were revamping the process when I was licensing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    B to P, timeline??

    My cross shift used to live in key west. He may be moving to the Caribbean soon. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Company pays for travel and accommodation . Not a bad gig at all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    B to P, timeline??

    Sounds like a great program. We have a handful north of the border. Should be more popping up as there is a push for a bachelors degree entry practice paramedic by 2025. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    EMT in the US

    It is not possible. EMT and paramedic are classified as unskilled workers to immigration. I'm a Canadian advanced care paramedic and paramedic in the USA. I was not even allowed to volunteer in the USA as a paramedic unless there was some sort of special event going on. I live in a border town.
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    EMT in Canada Vs United States

    Im not really familiar with going from Canada to the US as I went from the US to Canada.