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    things you will never live down

    Second day on the job, first time running hot, and I pass up the address on a busy street. So I put it in reverse, and sit there with the back up alarm beeping and the lights and sirens going, waiting for traffic behind me to go around so I can back up. Of course, since I had my lights and...
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    ALS or BLS?

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    Book on lab values

    Can anyone recommend a good book on lab values? I've been around long enough to know that H&H means something about blood, a white count of 25(000) is bad, and GFR has something to do with kidneys. I'd like to know more though. I'm like Johnny 5. "Need input!"
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    76 y/o M - Hypotension

    Believe me, I would have loved to do one. I was not on a mainline bus that day, and they have all the 12 leads. Transfer squads only get LifePak 10s. Ugh.
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    76 y/o M - Hypotension

    The pt himself had absolutely no complaints. The sending doc opined that the ascites was from the pancreas, not liver related. It's certainly possible he did take his meds. I got that information from the facility, which got it from his daughter. BP was manual. Temp was normal when I...
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    Pharmacology salts: HcL vs Citrate vs Sulfate

    No, that's about what I'm looking for. Thank you! I love this forum more every day.
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    Am I just being a n00b? Checking jump bag before shift

    There is no company policy. If I had thr same truck and bag, I'd be happy to seal and leave it, but its different every day. I'm going to talk to the boss and see what he says. Thanks for the thoughts, all.
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Me: What's going on today, sir? Him: I have abdominal pain. Me: How long has that been going on? Him: About 8 years.
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    EMS Mnemonics (memory device)

    Beat me to it. Thank you, Elliot. :D
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    Am I just being a n00b? Checking jump bag before shift

    Recently I started working as a medic @ the company I've been at for 2 years. Our cabinets and jump bags are sealed and tagged by the "supply" person. Since I'm now a medic, and ultimately responsible for whatever happens on the rig, I've taken to opening all the cabinets and the jump bag...
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    Pharmacology salts: HcL vs Citrate vs Sulfate

    I'm wondering what significance the salt attached to a drug has, if any. Why is there no Morphine Citrate (or is there?), why is Fentanyl Citrate not Fentanyl Sulfate? Also, why is 38mg of Diphenydramine Citrate equivalent to 25mg of Diphenhydramine HCl? Probably not knowledge necessary...
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    76 y/o M - Hypotension

    Background: I just got my card, so if I did or said something stupid, laugh hysterically, but then tell me why I'm a moron. :D Picked up a 76 y/o M from a cancer center. C/C hypotension after receiving 2 units of PRBC's. History of Pancreatic CA, HTN. Normally runs 140 systolic. Has not...
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    Stuff you are just sick and tired of reading and hearing

    "I didn't take any drugs!" "I wasn't drinking!" "I don't know how that happened!" "See, we left the bar, and......"
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    Got into Medic School !-Any tips ??

    Get as many clinical hours in as you can. The minimums are great, but the more pt experience you can get, the better. Find someone who you can go to with questions at 11pm on a Saturday. Study! I studied cardiology with a medic friend before school, which made my second semester A LOT...
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    How long does Ohio paperwork take?

    If this is posted somewhere else, I'm sorry. I searched for a bit before posting. I'm wondering if anyone has recent experience getting certified in Ohio, specifically how long it takes to get your medic card after the paperwork has been sent in. I've heard anything from 3 days to 4...