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    California EMTs: DMV trouble?

    I went today to the DMV today to turn in my medical form, and took a lot longer than usual to complete the process. The DMV employee told me that their system doesn't recognize ambulance certs as commercial with a Class C DL (something like that). They had to call Sacramento to open up the...
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Received a page with an address and the street name was Vespucci. I decided to mess with the dispatcher and requested for the address over the radio. Me: Dispatch, can you give me the address over the radio, it came out scrambled on the pager Dispatch: The address is 1234 Vespucci.....(the...
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    EMD Training in Los Angeles County

    thanks for the info
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    AMT Ambulance Licensing

    Do not work for this company, they always mess up you pay check EVERY week, station is south bay is a joke (no showers, crappy and used furniture) and the supervisor is a total douche (once showed up to a meeting, talking about how to look professional, when he was dressed in company uniform...
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    EMD Training in Los Angeles County

    Emergency Medical Dispatcher
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    EMD Training in Los Angeles County

    Where are some locations in Los Angeles County to get a EMD cert? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Can't sleep while posting

    Not so much anymore, many companies are actually going legit to avoid being raided by the government for medicare fraud. Look at what happened last year with the companies and doctors offices that were doing medicare fraud. One company in Los Angeles, Alpha Ambulance, was raided and closed down...
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    Can't sleep while posting

    Ambulance companies here in So. Cal are getting sued for not giving their EMTs lunch breaks. I've worked for a few companies that have already had lawsuits against them, and lost; I've received a few nice checks as the result of the lawsuits. I know some companies are giving official lunch...
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    Can't sleep while posting

    I worked for MedReach a few years back, and whichever shift I worked, it was really busy; even working a 24, I hardly got any sleep. I worked in the field for more than 6 years, and I would parked somewhere hidden, mainly because I didn't want to be bothered by people asking me for directions or...
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    Can't sleep while posting

    I heard that MedReach Ambulance, based in Gardena, CA, has issued a new policy to their EMTs. The new policy is that EMTs cannot sleep while they post in the field because it looks unprofessional and any EMTs who are caught sleeping will be written up. What does everybody think of that policy?
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    Revised California Ambulance Driver Exam

    I heard that the California Ambulance Driver Exam was recently revised. From what I heard, a few questions that were on the AMR sample exam (which was pretty much the same questions on the old exam) are now on the revised exam and new questions are on there that are taken out from the ambulance...
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    Medicare Fraud

    Has anybody heard about the FBI raiding and arresting of 107 people across the US for medicare fraud? I read in one of the articles that Alpha Ambulance based in Los Angeles, CA was one of the ambulance companies that was raided, including four ambulance companies in Houston, TX.
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    EMT Cert Renewal

    I'm an EMT in California and need to renew my cert by the end of April. When I renewed my cert back in 2010, they were in the process of transitioning everyone from a county registry to the new state registry, so when I recieved my new EMT card, I had my new state registry number, but had the...
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    LA County changes worth watching in 2012

    i have no idea, but i still see lynch driving around in la county
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    California ambulance cert practice exam

    thanks for the link firefite! that helps out a lot.