worried about losing my license


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But even LA County says if your ETA to the hospital is faster than the ETA of ALS don't stick around waiting for ALS. (Of course the reality is that unless you literally are just across the street, ALS will almost always get to you faster than you can get to the hospital)


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I work for an IFT company in California and we recently had a situation where we transported a pt that was ALOC. The snf staff stated that the pt was normally aloc but was more altered than normal. Vitals were stable. The "aloc" had been going on for about a week according to staff. We transported bls code 2. STUPID. I KNOW. You don't have to tell me how stupid we were. Now I'm worried about my license. I spoke to my supervisor but all he said was If you haven't heard anything yet i think you should be fine....it's been a couple weeks since this happened and I haven't heard complaints from anyone but Im thinking..isn't County gonna come after my license?
SNFs send train wreck patients to me in the ER all the time. They always hand off to EMS with a ****ty report and a BS reason as to how long the patient has been "not normal". I would not worry about it, there really isn't anyway that you could have done to improve or further harm the patient. Can you really code 3 a week long ALOC?


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I get those patients too in my ED. Fortunately the local SNFs don't usually wait that long and all the transport units that are local are all ALS. If the patient has been altered from baseline for a week, the county will have a bigger beef with the SNF than with you, if they care much about going after anyone. You took the patient to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment as necessary, so unless you made the patient's condition worse, you should be good.


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That is probably one of the dumbest things i have ever heard
That's how it is where I am. Every 911 ambulance has to have a paramedic onboard. The BLS ambulances (special events, volunteer districts, transfer car) cannot transport to an ED, they must get an intercept.