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Working while in Medic School

Discussion in 'ALS Discussion' started by Virgil, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. VentMonkey

    VentMonkey calpuleque Premium Member

    Critical Care EMT-P
    I only browsed the thread posts. Are you enrolled, or looking into Mt. Sac?

    It’s no longer a program, it’s now an academy. It sounds like a lot has been restructured since I last stepped foot on, or around that campus.

    The faculty appears to have undergone a major overhaul. The paramedics I know that graduated from their formal program did not do so under this faculty. That to me, is interesting.
  2. Virgil

    Virgil Forum Crew Member

    That's just didactic iirc. The clinicals and field externship is after, and can be rather random so that's why they say students graduated around 8 months. I'm definitely going to try and work P/T, sitting on a rig gives me time to study too.

    Just looking into currently, I'm finishing my GE at another community college close by. There aren't many reviews on the new academy, but I've heard good things. I'll definitely give sitreps during and after the academy so we can all get up to speed here.
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