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I got fired for expressing a legitimate concern with some clinical ideas that offended a friend of the director of the organization I worked for at the time.

Emily Starton

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Not sure which thread this should go in, but looking for guidance.

Had a discussion with “friends” on Facebook. A stranger decided to intervene and provoke, mind you this didn’t bother me and my emotions never got ahead of my words.

but as this discussion went on. It some how turned into calling me racists and insinuating that I think unarmed black men deserve to die. None of which was EVER stated by me. I, along with EVERYONE ELSE, agree that what happened to George Floyd was beyond terrible. Some people are just mad that I’m not a cop hater.

With all that being said, she’s decided to make my information public in a “expose all racistA thread” along with my parents address, where I don’t live and one of my state EMT licenses and advising people to report me.

I’m not so worried about it considering I didn’t say anything at all racist and I’ll gladly share the conversations since I took the screenshots just in case. But should I do anything to prepare for this, report it? Call Some and ask questions... I don’t even know what to do.

You should report it, Adrienne. It will be dangerous if you don't make a move soon.