Recommendations for gear bags whilst on shift


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If you try to carry everything in one bag, it's going to weigh a ton.

If you try and break everything down into separate bags and pouches and so on, you'll spend most of your time searching for things and rebuilding the system after you tear it apart searching for something.

There is one surefire solution though. A) Stop buying useless crap whose only purpose is separating you from your money. B) Leave the pile of crap you've already bought home.

Try that out for a stretch and see how it goes. If I don't use it daily or damn close too it, I don't need it to be immediately accessible. You can lug around a sea bag full of "well, I might need that someday" if you want to. I'd love to be able to walk in to work empty handed.
That's great for people doing that. Not my case, and not what I asked about. Did you read my post? Most of my stuff is required work equipment. In addition to that I'd like to be able to carry my laptop, a phone charger, my personal OTC meds, and maybe some snacks.

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Simmer down, Sally. You aren't the OP and I neither replied to nor quoted your post. I was replying to the topic at large.

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Resurrecting this thread in hopes of getting recommendations. I am looking at 5.11 stuff, but want to see if anyone had anything else they may suggest. I have some family needy requirements and just want a bag that ticks as many of them as possible.

- I prefer a backpack or sling/shoulder bag over a duffle bag.
- The bag needs to be large enough to store a folded vehicle extrication jacket, extrication gloves, and extrication helmet. (The helmet can be carried externally).
- If you can figure out a way to secure a ballistic vest to the bag, that's a plus. I was thinking if someone out there made a flap between the back surface and the interior bag, I could secure it in there. This is a long shot, but would be nice.
- Plenty of zipper pouches for my personal stuff.
- I don't require a lot of molle, but I'm guessing with a bag like this, it's going to be hard to avoid.

I'm considering the 5.11 AMP 12 with the helmet Gear Set attachment. Does anyone have anything better to suggest? Those of you with the Rush bags, do you think the Helmet Gear Set would work as is or with an extension on the buckles?

I have a 5.11 Rush 72 that I got years ago when I worked in HEMS to carry all my normal daily stuff (laptop, chargers, small lunch cooler, books) as well as the overnight stuff I needed with me for when I occasionally got kicked out on long FW flights (passport, change of socks, underwear, and t-shirt; ziplock bag with deodorant, travel toothbrush & toothpaste, etc.). It worked great for that, and now I use it for long weekend trips to the beach and stuff like that.

The Rush 72 is quite a bit bigger (55L) than the AMP 12 (25L) that you mentioned, but there's also a Rush 24 (37L) and a smaller Rush 12. These bags do have a "flap" that is easy to stuff a jacket into. The molle would make it easy to attach a helmet, and probably a vest.

I'm not generally that into tacticool style, but 5.11's gear is really well designed and built.