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Funny Ems phrases

Discussion in 'EMS Humor' started by wannabeHFD, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. mantree

    mantree Forum Probie

    When a patient has multiple "CC" we call it poly-ouchieitus
  2. johnrsemt

    johnrsemt Forum Deputy Chief

    Had a cop ask a prisoner (drunk) if he wanted to go to jail or the hospital. He looked at me, then my partner (driver) stated that he had gone to the hospital with my driver before, and he was the worst driver ever, and would rather go to jail. He walked over to the police car and let himself in the back door.
    Partner was upset, he had never seen the guy before and had only worked in that county for a month.

    The rest of us were laughing so hard the guy could have escaped
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