Favorite Pranks

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It's always entertaining to turn the mod power switch off then turn all the overheads, the siren and anything else on you can that the mod power switch will kill when someone's dropping a patient off in the ER. They come out, sit in the passenger seat and try to turn the map light on to chart, realize the mod power is off, they turnit on and welcome to the disco!

Make sure you're in your ambulance with the windows up if you value your hearing though.

I've had a crew do this to me. I noticed what they did as soon as I shut my door. The crew decided to stand in front of the ambulance to laugh when I turned the mod power on. So naturally I changed the siren tone to a louder tone and then flipped the mod on. My partner and I laughed, the other crew not so much :rofl:


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My partner and I were on a 24 hour EMT shift in the same station as a 24 hour dual Paramedic shift. We came back from a call one night to find our beds, night stand, and lamp set up in our ambulance parking spot. The beds were perfectly made and the lamp was plugged in and turned on. We were pissed, but had to admit it was an epic prank. We got back at the medics a couple of shifts later. We used a child's walkie talkie set hidden in their bedroom to scare the bejeezus out of them that night. We called a truce after that lest it escalate further.
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