EMT Refresher course ideas


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Looking for some advice..... I have been tasked with running an 80 hour NREMT style refresher class (40 hours every two years), and am looking for some useful and different ways I can accomplish this as well as make it not, well, suck, as well as be productive to the participants.

It will be a hybrid course, with several lectures being online, and 24 to 32 hours being hands on time in a classroom.

Currently I'm thinking of adding a 4 hour online HazMat course (this course from TEEX was what I was thinking of using), or the students could get credit if they could provide proof that they already completed this training), but I'm not sure what other things I can do that that will benefit students in the field, and won't simply rehash their basic EMT course.

Anyone else have some good ideas on what I could suggest to my boss?


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I may be one of the soul voices of dissent here, but I believe that EMT refresher courses should be just that. Refreshing them on how to do the things that they learned and probably forgot.

we try to make our classes exciting and fresh, when really what we need to do is be reinforcing the fundamentals and trying to disrupt the bad habits that they may have learned.

A refresher on patient movement and lifting. maybe a refresher on stretcher handling and safety. Teach them the salad technique for suctioning. Reinforcement of high-performance CPR. Obviously, play some games and make it fun... But focus on the fundamentals.