Do you think EMS should be paramilitary?


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Please read

Okay all,

First, let me say this: I am sorry if I came across in any way as a jerk or a know-it-all. I did not mean to insult or piss anybody off.

From discussion with other members on here, I have come to realize that maybe my posts came across as saying "this is how it should be." As somebody who has no knowledge of EMS (besides informal studying), I would never do this. I was just trying to say my $.02. I should have worded things more clearly, and I will be careful to do the same in the future. I was not trying to tell people how things should be run. I was just trying to join in on a conversation.

I respect everybody on here, and I realize that they have WAY more training than I do. I would never tell anybody on here how things should be done.

So I truly apologize. I enjoy posting on here, but I will be more careful.

So once again, I apologize for the way I came across.


(Please pardon the thread hijack)


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Are we considering fire departments paramilitary? They have a clear rank structure, uniforms, etc. I'd consider that paramilitary by definition.

Do I think we need Captains, lieutenants and such running around? No, shift supers, managers, and directors seem to make it work just fine at my "Third Service." The paramilitary structures push EMS further into the public safety arena.