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Heavy on marketing and pretty light on information....some dude named 'Jake' (inventor of the 'straight flush saw' - Cuz-D industries 😐) that is venturing into medical tech....and he's got an ER doc to stump for him too equally light on any meaningful information but heavy on dramatic music and graphics...

Just a couple of thoughts, not to p*ss in anyone's fruit loops...

1. wondering if they ran the name by anyone seeing as how 'echo' means something entirely else and is widely employed in critical care and might be a source of some frustrating confusion.

2. I'm really more interested in how they intend on using a machine where, as I understand it, 500 ml/min is a high rate, to oxygenate tissues typically needing at least 4 L/min.

3. As far as I can tell (I know, I know, no one asked me) this seems pretty experimental, not FDA approved and probably disallowed by any hospital's IRB at the very least.

If this is really a thing...perhaps what they're trying to do is augment mechanical ventilation with supplemental extracoporeal oxygenated blood at a very low flow relative to a normal cardiac output in order to buy time.

But this from

We are prepared to roll this out immediately to greatly reduce of the number of deaths associated with Covid-19 and get our economy back on track.

Is a huge red flag that smells like snake oil to me....


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Are you affiliated with this? Does not go into any detail as to what "ECHO" is aside from what sounds like adding an oxygenator to a HD dialysis machine making.....ghetto, low flow, ECMO?

Despite whatever machine or setup is used the management of a patient on extracorporeal support is complex and to imply any solution is "simple" is disingenuous. There will not be patients lined up in the ER on "ECHO" support doing fine and well without perfusion and critical care management which is likely already heavily strained at most hospitals.

Kudos for thinking outside the box and trying to find solutions but whatever this video was meant to achieve failed to hit the mark with me, someone taking care of COVID ECMO patients

Sounds similar to an ECCO2R set up which really wouldn't accomplish much for a COVID patient. And aside from what Etank mentioned about the name there is already what are referred to as hybrid ECMO set ups.
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Intriguing, are you aware of the critical shortage of dialysis machines and dialysate? Would you be giving these unproven hyperoxygenator setups to the hypoxemic patients and not using the machine to help the many patients in anuric kidney failure who are dying of hyperkalemia and acidosis?

Already splitting CVVH machines, using PD, and calling families to tell them their loved one doesn't qualify for dialysis due to poor prognosis in my unit.


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Good lord people, it‘s a Facebook post, if it was for realz, Trump would’ve tweeted it....

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Thanks guys, I appreciate your viewpoints. Yes I am affiliatedish.... that contacted my wife and asked her to be on their marketing team. I had questions so I asked you guys. I brought my questions plus’s what you all had and they are answering them.


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This sounds like someone being an opportunist rather than actually trying to promote a viable solution to a dire need. I am assuming this is meant to attract non-medically educated investors. To those in the medical field this is full of red flags and akin to snake-oil.


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While I like the idea of modifying devices that are already in service to help with oxygenation, this doesn't seem like a realistic solution or even a good idea. Some of the concerns I have:

-I don't think that it is as easy as they make it sound. Dialysis machines clot and malfunction all of the time, adding in another variable is just going to make that worse
-You can't just take dialysis machines and make them into half-baked ECMO machines. ECMO does more than just simple oxygenation
-Taking dialysis machines and making them into half-baked ECMO machines will decrease the number of dialysis machines that function as dialysis machines, and that will be a death sentence for a LOT of people who depend on them to survive
-While seemingly minor, I have a hard time trusting any source that completely leaves out Boston and all of Massachusetts when talking about places that do ECMO. Not really sure they did their research before putting these presentations together, which makes me question their overall reliability as a company

Great idea in concept, but poor execution and presentation.