study advice

  1. V

    My website study guide review (CA DMV Ambulance Cert)

    Hello there! I am a long time EMT first time contributing to this website. In California, we have to get an ambulance certificate from the DMV by passing a written test in order to drive the ambulance. The DMV offers a booklet to study from which is information from various codes and...
  2. soflomedic14

    Florida Paramedic State Exam

    Hello, does anyone have a copy of the Florida Paramedic Exam "Rambling Thoughts?" I'm taking my second attempt at this test here in a few weeks and cannot seem to find this study guide anywhere! If anyone has a copy that they can please share, it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  3. J

    One Semester Training, Full & Part Time Job

    Greetings, I am currently an EMS student juggling training and working 7 days a week. I have most evenings off and no personal life. Does anyone have advice for better time management and handling all of the required reading and coursework? -John
  4. K

    Failed the NREMT, should I re-take EMT?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on here. Last month I took the NREMT for the first time and was unsuccessful in passing. I took the EMT course a year and a half ago, and reviewed on my own and did JBLearning up until the test. Any study advice for this exam? I've been thinking about...