1. B

    What do Palm Desert & Riverside (SoCal) Opportunities Look Like?

    This summer, I'll likely be transferring my paramedic license from out of state to look after my grandfather for a year or two. I'm a fairly green medic used to a broad scope of practice (but fine with a limited scope), and I'll be bringing a bachelor's with me. My career goal is mostly to get...
  2. EMTshred

    So Cal AMR Paramedic Jobs

    Been a member here for a few years now and finally got around to earning that P Card. Wanted to get some input (if possible) on peoples experience on AMR Ventura County vs. AMR San Bernardino County. Ive seen their scopes of practice, so for me living in Los Angeles , the biggest thing for me...
  3. AlexTheChamberlain

    Southern California Pay Rates as of 4/17/19

    All wages stated are the starting paramedic pay for each division and company. I called HR directly on all of these, with the exception of Riverside County. San Diego: $19.20 (12 hr) $15.00 (24 hr) Mercy San Diego: $15.00 (all rates) Imperial is still too messed up right now. All I know is...
  4. Z

    What are some extra certifications I can get as an EMT-B in Southern California?

    Seems like there's enough alphabet soup certifications to make you blue in the face by the time you're done finding them all, some carry weight in the field, some don't, i'm looking for some practical certifications that will improve my care, and understanding currently and in the future, carry...
  5. Wings91

    Southern California Ambulance Certification : DMV Issues?

    Background : -Passed the NREMT, (10/1) -Completed live scans for both the state certification and DMV ambulance cert (10/2) -Sent my paperwork to the state agency (10/3) This is what I was given at the DMV for my ambulance cert (10/2) : -Application for Ambulance Cert -DL-51 -Live scan...