scope of practice

  1. F

    EMT without medical direction

    I’m posting in ALS hoping someone has some experience with this. Any help greatly appreciated..I’m considering a job that was offered but not clear on the legalities. They have referenced OSHA first-aid (vs medical treatment) as an exclusion to need any medical supervision but also have generic...
  2. RachZem

    EMT-B moving to Titusville, FL?

    Hey ya'll I'm moving to the Space Coast area. A tiny town named Titusville. I was wondering what it's like living and working as an EMT-B near there? I have been looking around for work and it seems like my best bet is the Orlando area. What's your scope and how's the culture? Do you get along...
  3. EpiEMS

    National EMS Scope of Practice Model Revision

    Has anybody raised questions or comments to the NAEMSO with respect to the National EMS Scope of Practice Model revisions? Anything you'd like to suggest? Here's the current version. Naturally, EMR and EMT naloxone is something they're talking about. I'm thinking about mentioning: Additions...
  4. L

    Question regarding the definition of "practice" and company licensure.

    As of right now, I am in sort of a sticky situation. I have spent several hours searching the web with little to no luck on this topic so I figured why not ask the question directly. Anyway, I recently became nationally certified through NREMT. I have applied for Arizona state licensure and...
  5. Justjewit

    Is Venous Cutdown in the Paramedic Scope of Practice

    I am a Vet Tech and we get to do that but now that I am about to get my A and then go to paramedic school I was wondering if that was in their scope as well.
  6. O

    Scope of Practice in Outdoor School Setting

    Hey everyone I'm new to the site and I made the account for this specific set of questions/issues that I am having. I'll try to make it as concise as possible but it's an issue that I am having a lot of trouble understanding fully. I've been doing research on my own, looking at California's...
  7. MicahW

    AEMT Scope of Practice

    I am thinking about becoming an AEMT in CT. I was wondering what the scope of practice of AEMTs is wherever you work (yes, I have read over the national model; however, in my area, EMTs are able to do far more than that model says we can and I assume that it is the same for AEMTs). Are they...