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    AMR Los Angeles Training schedule

    Hello everyone! I have been searching everywhere to the answer to this question(s) but heres my problem. I will be going to UC Irvine in the fall. I start at the end of September. Last year I interviewed with AMR and was basically offered the job but I couldn't take it because of the...
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    New BLS Service in Atlanta

    I am in the process of starting up a new company in the Atlanta area and could use a few EMTs. I am starting up with two Type-II trucks. I need two EMT-B's and two EMT-I's. Please, reach out to me if you or anyone you know is looking for work in the Atlanta area. Thanks!
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    One Semester Training, Full & Part Time Job

    Greetings, I am currently an EMS student juggling training and working 7 days a week. I have most evenings off and no personal life. Does anyone have advice for better time management and handling all of the required reading and coursework? -John
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    Amphibious Medics Full Time

    EMT'B or above needed for Full time position in Andover, MA. Job Title: Onsite Health and Safety Medical Technician Company: Amphibious Medics Hello, We are currently hiring EMT-B's and above to work Full Time in Andover, MA. This position will be on a construction site, providing first...
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    Need a Few EMTs

    Does anyone know of anyone with their EMT Basic in the Central Mass area looking for a job? Looking for professional and dependable people, here. Down to Earth, polite, hard-working, and in good health. We have full-time positions available, and a sign on bonus. You can contact me for more...
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    Non-ambulatory EMS jobs.

    Hi folks - I'll keep it short & sweet. I'm really passionate about working as an EMT. Problem is, I don't want anything to do with driving an ambulance. I don't trust my sense of direction while under stress in an area I might be unfamiliar with especially when someone's life could be on...
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    Careers at LifeLine Ambulance- EMT and Paramedic- $2,500 Sign on Bonus

    Seeking EMTs and Paramedics to work full time shifts. We offer medical , dental, vision and life insurance benefits as well as a call bonus. LifeLine Ambulance is currently offering a $2,500 sign - on bonus to full time applicants that accept a job offer before May 30, 2016. Need more info...