1. M

    CA Ambulance Cert vs. Ambulance License

    I'm currently applying for an ambulance company in Orange County. Its the first time I've been asked for an ambulance license and not the DMV ambulance certificate. Why are these two different?
  2. P

    Can I become an EMT with an arrest record?

    5 years ago (barely 18) I was arrested for petty theft. I stole a pack of Nike socks. I had a good plea agreement in my favor due to the low severity of my "criminal act" and my case was dismissed along with my guilty plea being removed after completing community service and a shoplifters...
  3. Loshi

    Whats the fastest way to remove a DMV point?

    I need to remove a DMV point asap! What's the fastest way to do this? The lady I called said that I need to mail the judge so that I can do this because online it asks for a Case number and date to finish it by... and I don't have that because it's already paid for.
  4. Loshi

    I have 2 points on my dmv record, I can take one off what are my chances of getting hired?

    I'm in Sacramento CA, I know I can't take the other one off for another 18 months. AlphaOne said they can't hire me with even one point because the ambulance can't be insured... I applied to ProTransport as well as NorCal what are my chances.of getting hired with one point with those companies?
  5. Noel

    Ambulance Drivers Licence Test in CA question

    I'm 19 years old and was wondering if I still need to take the Physical Ambulance Drivers test after passing the written test at the dmv. I'm very eager to start working as an EMT, but during EMT class I remember hearing that you can't even drive an Ambulance till your 21. Is this true? And if...
  6. Wings91

    Southern California Ambulance Certification : DMV Issues?

    Background : -Passed the NREMT, (10/1) -Completed live scans for both the state certification and DMV ambulance cert (10/2) -Sent my paperwork to the state agency (10/3) This is what I was given at the DMV for my ambulance cert (10/2) : -Application for Ambulance Cert -DL-51 -Live scan...
  7. G

    Will my CA ambulance driver's certificate be rejected?

    Hi everyone i'm new here and this is my first post so sorry if this in the wrong section. Anyways i need help. So i am gonna apply for my ambulance cert., but i got 2 infractions one for failing to yield to a pedestrian and another for only driving with a permit. Will the DMV use this against me?