1. DragonClaw

    LFW: DFW or Houston area 911 EMTB?

    Hopefully in a few months I'll have my certification in hand. I'm looking to live in the outliers Houston or DFW, willing to do some commuting. I've looked at EMTB jobs, but how do I know which ones do 911 calls? Are they all through the city directly or are they contracted out to other...
  2. AlexTheChamberlain

    Dallas Area Paramedic Pay

    As of 5/21/19. AMR Ellis County: *Highest Paid if on 12 hr (But FT can only go on 24's)* (24 hr) $13.82 (12 hr) $20.10 Annual $46K (Protocols have ketamine and PAI) AMR Arlington: (Only 12 hr shifts): $19.12 Annual $43K (Protocols are very basic. No Ketamine.) Medstar Fort Worth: *Highest...
  3. J

    DFW Paramedic Openings

    We are HealhCare Compliance company seeking Paramedics/EMTs to help us: 1) Write Medical Emergency Courses 2) Inspect healthcare facilities for safety, infection control issues, etc. If you are looking for a full-time career change or you need some extra holiday cash part-time, give us a call...