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    EMS Mnemonics (memory device)

    Yeap, something about a french virgin if i recall hahaha
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    first call of the day is...

    Stupid I pad send the message before i could finish. Apologies. Young guy 21 surfer, most likely a great white took his leg from above the knee and a sizable chunk out of the right leg. Close call, kid nearly bled out but we managed go get him to a facility in time and he's doing well
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    first call of the day is...

    Shark attack. Victim surfing in the local beach which is a fair distance from the hospital. Call came in morning an
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    From South Africa

    Hi folks I am from South Africa and currently in Naples Florida. As far as i can make out my qualification back in SA is the equivalent of your paramedic practitioner over here. I am wanting to move out this way as most of my family are now living in your beautiful country. Can anyone suggest...
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    Can anyone direct me to any HEMS research databases or resources? I'm doing my research on HEMS and looking for articles and publications etc
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    Research Topic in SA

    Thanks for the feedback. I have thought of something along those lines, paediatric scene times, treatment required etc. SA is a very unique environment and a lot of what we do is rural setting so you become somewhat of a specialist in some circumstances. I know I'm not gonna change the world but...
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    Research Topic in SA

    Hey folks I'm busy with a research proposal and am doing in on HEMS in South Africa. One of my concepts is to evaluate patient on scene treatment times and develop a guideline for ideal on scene times for HEMS based on the relevant condition and criteria. So My posting here is to get as much...
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    Decision to study further and some advice

    Thanks for the input man. Im looking at the medical legal and ethics options as I really enjoy controversial issues and would like to set myself up to deal with ethical legal and malpractice issues. So, long road ahead of me and I don't want to lose sight of actually being a paramedic! I love my...
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    Decision to study further and some advice

    Long term..... Have as much fun as I can! I. Saying that, I am very ambitious and I do enjoy the challenge of academics and reaearch
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    Flight Medic Advice

    @ Canman thanks so much man. Really appreciate the input. Will let you know how it goes. Cheers
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    Flight Medic Advice

    This is for all the folks who work as flight medics, rotor wing and fixed wing. How much experience as an ALS did you have before you moved on to being a flight medic? What is the most challenging part of being a flight medic? What advice / input would you give to someone who was starting a...
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    Decision to study further and some advice

    I'm looking for some advice from the academic faculty of pre hospital personnel. I have a bachelor degree in emergency medical care and rescue. Translates to advanced paramedic (I think if lookIng at USA, UK, Aus protocols) I have been accepted to do a Masters and possibly further it onto a...
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    What are hobbies of EMTs and Paramedics?

    Surfing Paragliding Skydiving Scuba diving Sailing Golf
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    Left Behind Gurney

    That's a new one. Can't say I've done that. But I've left the O2 behind plenty. Crew drove off with back door open once to until someone hooted. Mates have left the jump bag behind. That's always fun when you have to treat a pt and find there's nothing there.....
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    Reality of Codes vs. AHA Standards

    @ Christopher - nailed the AHA guidelines. That's how we are taught in SA. However the team approach is somewhat of a challenge as we are often short of hands on scene. This is obviously relevant to the area you're working, city centre versus rural or residential. In all the codes I've run it's...