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  • Hi!

    I am working as an Assistant EMS Instructor in the Middle East. Need your help to figure out a feasible EMS research topic related to EMS Education / Ambulance services / Scope of practice / Pre-hospital care or EMS Internship.

    Thanks and Regards
    The forum wont let me PM anyone ATM but I am writing a research paper for EMT-B on GDM. I have found A LOT of great information but in my conclusion I am trying to tie it back to why is GDM important to the basic. hypoglycemia .... I have read that oral glucose should be avoided because it is absorbed through the placenta and thus by the fetus but what makes Dextrose a good alternative and in what concentration? Thank you for your help, Melissa
    Hey Rid!! what do you think of Paramedic to RN Bridge Programs? im thinking about once i become a Paramedic i wanna eventually become a CCT Nurse
    hey Rid i've always enjoyed reading your posts.any advice for a Paramedic student 2 weeks into class?
    Hey, I know this might soud random, but 31 years, and working in all fields...you are an inspiration to me. I am 15, but I have known for a while EMS was in my future. Never been more sure of anything in my life! Anyway, seeing your success in EMS really inspires me to keep going with my dream of being an EMT and hopefully a parameidc. So, thanks.

    I've been reading your posts on some of the forum discussions -- very informative! Thanks for the feedback on the ones I posted. The advice and info is really helpful :D
    I have a feeling I can learn a lot from you! Just keep the teeth kicks soft! lol Hope you are having a great day!! :)
    Look. I fixed your picture.

    Thank you, I think I will take the next year and just focus on LVN, and staying Basic to make sure I even want to advance. Thank you for being the guru!
    I am sorry for how I was, reading your posts, you are right, I am ignorant about the profession. I am trying to go to school for CCRN, and maybe then after I get a more ALS taste be able to help others and understand on a deeper level. Thank you for being on here, and giving me that kick in the teeth and taking me down a notch.
    Hey! I meant to "stop by" earlier. I read about your recent Diabetes Dx. Take care of yourself because we need our resident EMS guru!
    Hey Rid, im glad your back. Take care of yourself! I know what it is like to ignore symptoms and just keep going. Glad your getting a chance to take a breather.
    Hello my name is melanie you seem well educated as an emt. im going to school in january for emt. and i just thought i would join this site. if u could can u give me kind of a rundown on what all is entitled in being an emt. =] thank you
    5 weeks into medic school, things are going fairly well, 2nd in the class overall. Love your comments/advice in the forum.

    Need a little advice. What do you think is the best approach to learning all the drugs? I have to know 55 by the end of November, and the other 70 (est) by the end of our program in June. I use notecards, and have broken the information up so that there are three cards per drug. Would you suggest to learn everything on one card about each drug, then add a category or learn everything about one drug, the the next etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice you may offer.

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