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  • WTH did you do to your foot??

    And I have definitely stepped down since we last talked. I won't be eligable to test for another degree for another year in any system. For most, I've gone up 1 belt within the last 2 months.

    Have a happy new year!
    Amatuer Radio callsign, thats all.
    A few other folks have them... some even use them as forum ID's
    American Freestyle Karate is what my 2nd degree is in. I've got a yellow in Judo. Green in TKD. Blue(almost brown) in Shotokan... looking at starting Aikido soon. :)
    sorry for pickin on your post earlier. good job and as others said take everything as a learning experience. I had an instructor who told us "if you ever meet a medic/firefighter who acts like they know it all, stay away from the they will get you seriously injured or killed." experience comes the best way after you make a mistake, good luck to you in you're future EMS endeavors and don't take any picking/criticism on this site to heart, as that is just the nature of online forums
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