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  • Hey bro sorry to hear about what happen, my friend at prn said they are hiring at the moment. They're a good company and I just thought you should check them out if you're still looking for companies in LA county.
    I completed one of the first 20+ years ago. Many are very well done and some only hit the required components. Be sure that you have a general knowledge of medicine as in OB, ortho and psych.. which most Paramedics are very lacking.
    I had worked in hospital setting for 10 years before taking my bridge course..

    Good luck in your pursuit,

    R/r 911
    I just read your mesage, I was sitting to your right in class! my name is Efren and see you thursday!
    hey so they made copies of my certs, I got drug tested, and they want me to come to orientation tomorrow, although I'm not completely certain that it means I'm hired? haha
    Oh alright I'm looking forward to this :) do you know when the orientation is?? I'm finishing a wildland fire academy for the us forest service next week and I'm praying it won't conflict with anything.. so I'm kinda "sh!tting it" at the moment
    Nice, I'm interviewing with them on Monday. Was there any testing involved? Any info on what to expect?
    Im looking to work for AMR here in LA county

    Is there anything I can do just to get ahead meanwhile I get my paperwork?
    hey i ended at 70 questions i dont know if i did good or i totally bombed it
    where do u check if i passed on the site?
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