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  • Hello,

    I read a post that you commented on in regards to the Tacoma Community College Paramedic Education Program. Is there a chance you can answer a few questions I have as an alternate to the coming program? Thank you for your time.
    trying to contact you in reference to a de medic thing, can you email me
    Hey, I am sorry if I made any inappropriate posts in the thread regarding the HIPPA violation accusation by the cop. I did not mean to derail that thread and really should have just not posted probably. However I feel like I put my opinion out there and I really did not state it well but you (or another mod) put it well. There will always be different groups of people that will have to agree to disagree. Anyways I just wanted to apologize if I said anything out of line.

    Just read your post on Haiti. WOW seriously thanks for taking the time to post that. I read every word twice.
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