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    Stressed guys messdd up on some calls.

    Generally speaking, distance to the hospital is not a good way to decide what treatments or assessments to do or not do. There are, of course, exceptions. However, take a few minutes on scene to actually assess your patient. You'll be surprised by what you might catch. Sometimes patients get...
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    Anyone using Ultrasound?

    We're currently in the process of upgrading to the V-Scan.
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    EMT to Nurse path

    If you want to do flight/CCT, go to nursing school first, and then get your medic afterwards (either by a bridge program, or by going to paramedic school). You'll see more critically ill patients in a week as a CC nurse than you will in a month as a CC medic. No point in delaying it, just get...
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    I got Step 1 of the Pfizer vaccine. The only thing I noticed is better cell phone coverage from the 5G chip they implanted. In all seriousness, the only side effects I had was a little arm tingling that went away, a little dizziness that went away, and feeling like a took a pretty good punch...
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    LED Pupil Light Recommendation

    This should get the job done for you.
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    BLS: What would you do in this GSW scenario?

    Start a line and give TXA.
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    Video Laryngoscope Thread

    We use the channeled KV at my part-time job. It's great for easy airways. At my full-time job, we use the GlideScope GO both Mac blades and LoPro (hyperangulated) blades. I like the LoPro blades, they work fairly well.
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    2021 EMS Conferences

    I'll be there! I'm hoping to speak too.
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    Exemplary Private/Non-Profit Services?

    It's truly a great place to work, and from what I've seen definitely one of the best systems in New England, possibly the country. They treat their employees right, and in return the employees give a lot back to the organization. If we didn't have the support of the city, and good leadership...
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    Exemplary Private/Non-Profit Services?

    They're about as close to a third service as possible without being a third service, but they’re private and have a board of directors. Our trucks are bought for us by the city, and our base is owned by the city as well (we pay like $10 a year for rent or some small amount). If I’m not...
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    Exemplary Private/Non-Profit Services?

    New Britain EMS in CT hits 5 out of those 7 criteria, which I would say is pretty damn good.
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    Whats your "criteria" for starting iv access on a pt?

    Why are you managing propofol drips if you are not critical care? Your attitude is, quite honestly, scary. You present yourself as someone who knows way more than they actually do, and that is going to end up hurting a patient.
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    Whats your "criteria" for starting iv access on a pt?

    Dunning-Kruger in action.
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    Whats your "criteria" for starting iv access on a pt?

    I’m not offended, but I’ve been on both sides (EMS and nursing). There is a divide between the two at times, and attitudes like yours do nothing to improve that. How long have you been a medic for? Edited for spelling
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    Whats your "criteria" for starting iv access on a pt?

    I’m sure that attitudes like your really help that dynamic. Referring to nurses as “doctor helpers” and basically saying that they are incompetent doesn’t really do a lot to help improve relations between specialties. You also said in one of your earlier posts that you don’t have faith in the...