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    EKG apps

    Hi! I’m looking for ECG/EKG study guides and a coworker suggested to find an app. Does anyone have any EKG apps they can recommend?
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    What is the worst rookie mistake you've seen

    Early on in my first gig, I woke up at 3:30 am for a call. I sit in the driver’s seat waiting for my crew when my captain kicks me out of the seat. No problem, but he is an awful driver and I’m now facing backwards in the back and I’ve been known to get carsick going far distances. The drive...
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    Radio straps

    I hear ya. I guess it’s just when you are promised something, I didn’t think it would take years.
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    Radio straps

    I’m just trying to advocate for the department because it has been a complaint years before I came here. At this point, I will just buy my own, but when I was hired, I was told that I would be receiving one. Just tired of having to find out where I put my radio on a scene
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    Radio straps

    From what I can tell, it’s his own personal opinion. I presented today, and he won’t even buy one. I know for a fact it’s not a money issue. Doesn’t sound like we are trying belt clips either. He says he has never had a problem not having a strap or a clip. Someone maybe set in his ways
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    Radio straps

    I am 100% for a radio strap and I would buy one for myself, but I’m trying to convince our chief that we need some. Everyone wants the strap, so this should seem easy, but this chief has really strong opinions against the radio straps and doesn’t like people wearing them. We have the funding to...
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    You respond to 40 y/o with chest pains and coughing

    I’ve been asking around on this scenario. Everyone I have talked to came to the same conclusion and that was to save your partner. You now have two patients (not MCI), and so you should immediately treat your partner. Your life and your partner’s life matter just as much and even more. This...
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    Radio straps

    Hi there! I am putting together a little presentation for my department in hopes that we can finally get some radio straps. Currently, I am issued a radio with no belt clip of any kind or extended mic. Being both fire and ems, this radio isn’t practical at all. We finally got extended mics for...
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    Let's talk socks

    The Kirkland wool socks from Costco are awesome!
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    74 and passed. Sure didn’t feel like I passed, but yay
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    NREMT dress code

    Haha thanks guys. Everything got sorted out and I ended up passing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NREMT dress code

    I am taking the NREMT skills portion. We recently got an email with a dress code written by our teacher that was very vague and none of my classmates understand it either. What did you wear to the NREMT? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    EMT Pants

    Yeah. Thanks for the help guys. I am a woman and the women's cut really doesn't differ a whole lot from the men's cut. I'll probably just get a pair tailored. Thanks guys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    EMT Pants

    Hi! I am an EMT student and I am having some trouble finding good pants in my area. I have tried on several different brands ranging from 511 to even ****ies. My problem is that I have a smaller waist and big thighs, so every pant is too big on my waist and too tight in the thigh. Didn't know if...