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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    me to nurse: after waiting for about five/ten minutes at the not-so-busy ER "can we get a bed over here? got an MI here..." "how do you know he's having a heart attack?" "the 12-lead ekg is showing a very apparent STEMI." "well is he a heartstat?" "i don't know, i'm not a...
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    How clean is your

    Very! I have anti-microbial pens!
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    Falsely advertising being a paramedic ?

    Here's what the NYS BEMS has to say.
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    colorado or washington d.c.

    A recent article in JEMS about changes to the FF/EMS structure in Washington, DC: In contrast, another recent article, this time in Washingtonian Magazine, with a very different view...
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    Ever forget to put on your gloves?

    I generally use the New York State Bureau of EMS's guidelines.
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    Anyone buy anything from Craigslist?

    I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. The truth is, most people on Craigslist are honest people trying to sell their things. Unfortunately, it's the few people that scam others give it a bad name.
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    What color are your gloves in the rig?

    latex - white (thick, extended cuff) nitrile - blue (thick, extended cuff) and black (thin, much easier to use, i use them for most of my patients [that i use gloves on, that is.])
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    EMS E-Field Guides

    Anybody know of any field guides for the iPod touch/iPhone?
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    Funny poster my friend made

    Hopefully you guys will understand. The image is what I took of my friend/LT(standing) as we were going around a corner in a rig (that had less than 3,000 miles which had already gone to repair about five times before) and it decided to just cut all power and die on us. (PL Custom is a...
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    electronic horn

    anybody know where to purchase just the electronic horn?
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    agency websites

    I'm building up a website for a local ambulance corps and I was trying to get some ideas for general layouts and whatnot. If your corps has a decent website, please reply with it. And hey, it'd also be nice to see where eachother works! I'm at
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    Tactical communication

    It's not verbal judo, it's Tongue Fu!
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    Green LED Dashlight

    pm sent. (....)
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    obstructing EMS

    NYS PENAL LAW 120.05 120.05 Assault in the second degree .... .... 3. With intent to prevent a peace officer, police officer, a fireman, including a fireman acting as a paramedic or emergency medical technician administering first aid in the course of performance of duty as such fireman, an...
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    At least one seriously hurt in crash between ambulance, car in Ramapo

    Yeah, actually about 1/4 mile south of that accident site.