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    Stuck on job offers

    don't forget Amr Riverside is union. I believe they called it "all in" your contribution isn't less because you're part time. I was part time at Amr and only took home $25 one paycheck after everything was deducted. also my commute was approx 35 miles one way hence why I left and worked my IFT...
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA

    Right, but does that still work in this day and age? Theres so many different ways to obtain information and absorb content.
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA Just the headlines posted When its really from 2013. Whats the plan here? Create doubt right?
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA

    I'm naturally a pessimist. In the before time I heard bowers used to be in house with Vernon fd when they did als. they'd regularly get pulled for ifts and contributed to the loss of the contract. Bls ift units would have to respond code 3 from white memorial or the Westminster car from their oc...
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA

    I worked there in the last 3 years and by then Lynch had all Zoll X monitors that uploads everything to your epr. all rigs have portable wifi. you were given 2 batteries per unit but only needed one to get through a 11 hr shift and that's even if you ran calls all day. 5-7 als ift calls. only...
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA

    Lynch will provide ALS, EAS keeps BLS (as nothing happened on their end). the submitted model was dual medic squads working Kelley schedules. I haven't done the research on the rfp requirements but utilizing non transporting ambulance as "squads" are probably a cost saving measure, since Lynch...
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    Care Ambulance

    Hey what contract eoa did care just get awarded in orange county? Its all over falck’s social media except the zone/cities
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    Tncc prep

    I guess this if for my flight medics, cctps and rns. Looking for the best reading to prepare for my TNCC. I’ll also be taking a 2 day course through my current job. But looking to get s head start. Thanks.
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    Costa Mesa FD AO program

    When did they go live with their program? I just saw a crew in their fancy badgeless new cadet light blues and CMFD “ambulance” rockers. Does that mean they are no longer a CARE eoa?
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    CARE Physical Test in Orange County, CA

    any care medics on here id like to ask a few question too plz? pm me
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    Cypress Creek (Houston) is Hiring

    what's yearly salary after OT? how's it calculated; is it paid straight 24 or theres daily ot? is there additional OT opportunity? what type of living does this salary afford you and if which part(s) of Houston area? are you able to answer those questions for the other ESDs like as above...
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    911 Paramedic jobs in Vegas

    I thought Community had a zone east of.., like near Henderson. also I think Community does back up for Henderson fire and last I heard they took over most of the special events standby's including EDC
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    ATCEMS hiring

    ATCEMS is open again. I'm definitely applying. i was just curious what type of living arrangements am i looking at with the base pay and/or the medic I modified pay (year 1)?
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    AMR San Diego 911

    its a thing. heard of variations of it at other divisions in socal. dunno if its a union contract thing?