Tncc prep


Another Medic to Murse
I guess this if for my flight medics, cctps and rns.

Looking for the best reading to prepare for my TNCC. I’ll also be taking a 2 day course through my current job. But looking to get s head start.



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I refreshed mine last month. Your course coordinator will provide you with the only text book you will need - the TNCC textbook. You may also be supplied with access to a few ‘special populations’ modules, which should be completed prior to the start of the course. In addition, you can access a mock written exam, some of which you may (hint, hint) find in the final written. The practical is a slight variation of PHTLS.


ED/Prehospital Registered Nurse
You need to read the book beforehand, class is meant to build off of the book and there is a really good chance you could be tested on material that wasn't presented in the lecture.

Memorize the TNP, it is critical for passing the practical exam. Take your time, the manikin won't die but you will lose points for skipping steps, even if you come back to it later.

Trauma/Special alerts
Anticipated supplies

  • Airway/C-Spine
  • Breathing/Ventilation
  • Circulation/Hemorrhage
  • Disability
  • Expose the patient and control the Environment
  • Full set of vitals and Family presence
  • Get resuscitation adjuncts
    • Labs
    • Monitors/cardiac rhythm
    • NG/OG
    • Oyxygen/Ventilator monitor (pulse ox, gasses, ETCO2, ...)
    • Pain assessment and managment
  • History and Head to toe
  • Inspect posterior surfaces
Ongoing assessment
  • Repeat primary assessment
  • Pain management
  • Vital Signs
  • Assess and manage interventions

I would confirm who you are getting a text through, it is not mandatory for the class to provide you one. I would assume that your education department has a stack of them that they lend out.

Also remember that the ENA has built this as an introductory course for ED nurses who have APPs and physicians present in the ED, so don't expect to be performing any advanced interventions like intubation, central line or RIC placement, chest tube placement, et cetera.


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Read the book. Memorize the practical check off. Listen in class for specifics. I like to take notes. Other than that, the class wasn't hard.