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    Silly Question...

    Define formal...I think you will do just fine with business casual... An occasional oxford with a tie is not bad either.
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    Silly Question...

    I agree with ak. I teach @ a community college, and at the Fire Academy. Nothing catches my eye faster than someone who arrives trying to look cool. Flip-flops, board-shorts and a t-shirt from whatever defunct sports team is not all that impressive. But...that is what some of these...
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    Murder suspect sent by ambulance*no cops*

    The locals regularly un-arrest perps around here. When I was still riding the box, it really torqued me off. I am no wilting flower, let me assure you, but I am getting too old to be going to court for messing up some perp a cop was too lazy to transport.
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    What kinda car do you drive? /more questons

    Thanks, bro. They can be had for Cummins rigs PS...I like your rig too...The only reason I did not get one is the quad and ex cabs are the same dimensionally.
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    What kinda car do you drive? /more questons

    Well if we are going to post pictures...;) And another view: And in case you missed it: Never Forget: And my old ride: My previous rigs were a '95 S-Jimmy I put 187K on the clock, and an '86 K-Blazer I sold with 287K on the clock.
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    "NY EMTs Gone Wild" 2 FDNY Medics fired.

    I was not the one responding to you. I was correcting someone else who said they were smart enough to pass Medic school. That was not the case, and that is why it matters. I went through Medic Basic 90-02, and it was one of the toughest things I have ever done. Medic Basic 89-02 was a blood bath...
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    "NY EMTs Gone Wild" 2 FDNY Medics fired.

    Neither were Paramedics. Which is not to say that they have successfully figured how to instill common sense into recruits @ Fort Totten. God, there are some days I am relieved I am no longer a boss on that job.
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    What boots do you use?

    Warrington Pro Station boots.
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    Time to Brag - Certifications

    It has been a while since I have posted But here it goes: Firefighter I and II Haz-Mat Technician Structural Collapse Technician (Thank you VATF2) Driver/Operator Engine and Truck Fire Officer I and II EMT-P (NY just lapsed, but Colorado is still good for a little while) ACLS BTLS...
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    College Degrees

    I have an AS in Fire Science Technology, and where I work, it will help you in getting a raise in pay. I am also working towards my BS in Fire and Emergency Management. Since I am an instructor @ a local community college the AS was 'required' too... I suggest you go to college now rather than...
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    From EMT-B to Paramedic

    Wouldn't matter...they would not believe me anyway! :D
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    From EMT-B to Paramedic

    So, basically, we agreed? :o :unsure:
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    Spanish Speaking Patients.

    Remember, EVERYONE is a threat unless proven otherwise. Paranoid? Perhaps, but it is a posture that has kept me in good stead for a long time. I may be wrong, but DT4EMS may agree with me.
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    From EMT-B to Paramedic

    I think BLS experience is invaluble...There are Paramedics who are VERY successful with a minimum of experience...but the vast majority I have observed going straight through to Paramedic have some serious deficiencies that are very hard to correct. When I went to Paramedic School, NYC*EMS...
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    Pimpafy your name

    Vicious D. C. Flex Ha!