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    Missing Paramedic in Saskatchewan

    Yes, unfortunately he was found. Now we can try to process this, and try to move forward together.
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    Missing Paramedic in Saskatchewan

    A friend and coworker has been missing since Friday.
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    Different Locations Different Wages

    Well here in Saskatchewan, Canada EMT/Primary Care Paramedic Start at 21.61 per hour and top out at 26.44/hr EMT-Advanced/Intermediate Care Paramedic Start at 23.34 per hour and top out at 28.55/hr EMT-P/Advanced Care Paramedic Start at 25.21 and top out at 30.83 On Call is...
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    12 week accelerated Paramedic Program!!??

    That goes without saying. You can teach anyone the practical parts, but it takes longer to put things together and know when to do them and when not to. 12 weeks is way too short imo
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    12 week accelerated Paramedic Program!!??

    quality of education...coming from Canada I can't even possibly fathom a 12 week "paramedic" course or the "paramedics" they put out......
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    Wish me luck!

    Good luck. I'm sure you'll do fine!
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    Thanks for the happy birthday message!

    Thanks for the happy birthday message!
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    Ambulance Crash Claims 1, Injures 3

    EDMONTON — An Emergency Services worker killed in a collision in northern Alberta Monday has been identified as John O’Mahoney. Read more:
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    Another strange diabetic call

    I suppose that could be it. His body could have just used up the dextrose as it went into his body, which resulted in the glucose dropping again, until you topped him up so to speak. What's with these patients not reading the textbook? lol
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    'Idiot' stole keys from ambulance!

    Yeah, we have them too. Works wonders, especially on those really hot\really cold days. But I guess it takes all kinds of people to steal an ambulance.
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    Weird Call

    All in all, there were 4 glucometer's used (2 of ours, 2 in the hosp, plus the blood work) and his mental condition would deteriorate with the associated drops in BGL. I will be phoning the hospital later to see if they came up with anything.
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    Weird Call

    Hi All, I'd like some people's insight into this call. Picked up a 60 y/o male this morning who was unresponsive...BGL was 1.9 mmol/L. I started a line then gave D50. Sugar came up to 3.0mmol with improvement in LOC. Everything else checked out relatively normal. Pt has hx of chronic subdural...
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    Alberta Job Employment Rates

    Yeah, that would probably be your best bet.
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    Alberta Job Employment Rates

    I didn't say anything bad was going to, but a year from now is a long time. Maybe AHS will run out of money taking over services, maybe they'll put on a hiring freeze. If you're going to take you EMT, then you can look at job opportunities then. I'm pretty sure you'll find a job, it...
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    Alberta Job Employment Rates

    You know, I don't think anyone really knows for sure what's going to happen. Depends on what you're looking for, are you looking at industrial, or actual ambulance jobs? ACoP's website is alright, and you could also check out AHS's website at