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    Dispatchers Say the Darndest Things...

    Dispatch: Amherst EMS, respond to (pause) -muffled- quick, what's the address? -pause- 123 main street for patient with chest pain. I was on for ths one - my partner and I had a :censored::censored::censored::censored: fit laughing at dispatch.
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    Breaking News

    go with the 6 bdrm house and let me live with you! :) I'm willing to move to... well.... anywhere but here. As long as I can bring my paramedic and a few other essentials. ;)
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    Hey Chimpie.......

    Happy birthday! :D I'm a little slow. ;)
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    AED Prescription

    :beerchug: amen to that. I can just see it - a nursing home/CBRF where you have the baskets of a resident's medications... you've got the AED with the little rx sticker under 'PRN' meds... hehe
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    New Scenario

    With a 300lb + pt, I'd be calling the fire dept for a lift assist. After the pt was removed from the shed, I'd want her on a cot in the rig ASAP with the AC on to try and cool her down. I'd begin the a rapid trauma assessment while my partner calls for an ALS intercept. I would monitor the...
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    Ummmm, yikes?

    Now that I think about it.. I'd much rather take a bath in WATER... but hey... maybe I'm weird like that... hehe
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    this is so bad it's almost good....

    too funny.
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    Medications EM-B's can use.

    I don't think it would hurt anything; but it's one of those "we have always done it this way, and WILL always do it this way.....until we decide to change it" sort of things.
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    Medications EM-B's can use.

    In my area of WI, we can give O2, 325mg ASA, Oral Glucose, Activated Charcoal; and can assist with NTG (with medical control OK), nebs, epi-pen
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    Ummmm, yikes?

    :blink: holy crap. That's a bit.. uh... excessive. I think that's more than what my super fat pony weighs. ((but he's cute, so it's ok))
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    poem critique?

    Hey all. Some of the flow is off in this, but I'm working on it...slowly but surely. :wacko: Any critiques or ideas to make the flow better? I know some of you are fire-fighters... so if there is anything in there that's WAY off from common/standard procedures, please let me know? Thanks...
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    Happy Thankgivings and Blessings!!

    um... baked?
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    So, I hit a dog yesterday.

    LMAO!! The things I hear on EMT Life... ^_^
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    Lights off for fire

    LMAO!!!! but I can't see in the dark... :unsure:
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    So, I hit a dog yesterday.

    I was on my way to go see a friend of mine a while back, and it was dark and I was on the phone... (no comment). A rabbit jumped out in front of me and I half-swerved to miss it and ended up hitting it anyway. It was a disgusting sound. freaked me out. I think I freaked out the person I was...