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  • So...after much researching including google, urban dictionary, and THE dictionary. And after much thought. I came to the conclusion that...YOU spelled banana wrong.

    :) Thanks for the smile though lol
    I didn't mind the Black Spot episode too much. Not the best, but a decent throwaway. I didn't really like the first two "Flesh" episode, but it all (including Black Spot and the last couple seasons) comes full circle with "A Good Man Goes to War."

    Also, remember, "The only water in the forest is the river."
    There's been worse... like "Turn Left" or "Victory of the Daleks." It's be intersting to see how they pull that episode into the overall story arch though.
    Doing well, just took my dog to the dog park now I'm going to do some laundry and maybe clean my condo.........oh who am I kidding I'm gonna watch Netflix and gorge on potato chips.
    Contrary to popular belief we don't all know each other. But yeah I know him he's a good guy ask him how his cat is doing.
    Hey bigbald guy. I am working with a big bald guy today. Maybe you know him? Lol :p
    wow i had to read that like 10 times before I understood what you meant. lol I are smart
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