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    awkward things you say to your partner

    Walking into the ER while wearing bunker pants (My employer requires you to wear them if you're in shorts) with a partner I've known since high school: Nurse (who I've know for many years as a friend of the family)- Well look at these two big burly men Partner- Sorry he's all mine The look on...
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    My partner a few days ago: Us- Dispatch THE squad x is in service Dispatch- That's clear THE squad x From the same guy a few months ago: Us- Dispatch squad x is en route to mercy starting mileage of woooooooo.........9.8 Dispatch- To mercy, 9.8 (Laughter in the background)
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    Be honest. Do you wear your seat belt in the back of the ambulance?

    Up front & in my POV I always put it on. As much as I hate to say it I cant remember the last time I wore it in the box.....or the engine for that matter.
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    Favorite "Skill" to perform?

    Auto extrication tops my list
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    I've always found that bug and tar remover and a big scrub brush works.
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    IVs for EMT-B

    With how little training a basic has, I don't think it would be a good idea to cram IV skills into their scope. They can learn that when they go to medic school.
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    What kind of agency do you work for?

    Lol, that's the truth for most places nowadays!
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    Drug for everything

    And it puts the drug seekers out!:P
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    Would you put tools to the car in this MVA?

    Time consuming? Im not sure about where your from, but my department is relatively quick at extrication, it would literally take two minutes to set up the tools and get the door off. And it would a good call for some of the new guys to get some practice with the tools.
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    Would you put tools to the car in this MVA?

    Id take the doors off.......why? Cause I like to play:P, but in all seriousness if the car is totaled, why make it harder to get the patient out?
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    My ritual is to get in the truck, buckle up, and turn the airway seat around:P.......well unless its a mva, then im on the firetruck, and thats another story.
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    (De)motivational Posters

    I love the last one!
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    Have you ever under-treated?

    As a volunteer there are times I'm on a double or triple basic squad. I don't hesitate to call for a medic/ als intercept if one of us thinks we may need for one. You can always call them off.
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    Trauma Shears

    When running squad I just use the ones on the truck, but on extrications when I'm on the crash rig Ill use the pair I have in my bunkers. With that said I normally go through one or two pairs a year.
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    Bumper stickers

    Then double the price of everything! You would be making some good money!