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    Rescue 14, I presume!?
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    9 m/o dies from eczema

    I just recently completed my L&D shift for my paramedic class & one of the ladies on the unit was pregnant with her 9th child. She also told me that she lives in a homeless shelter with all of her children. When asked if she wanted to have her tubes tied or wanted information about birth...
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    Martial Arts

    TKD here too! LOVE IT!
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    Paramedic class + FT job

    I'm doing it now. I have a career in healthcare management & work FT, go to school 2-3x per week (usually M & W from 6p - 10p & Sat 8a-5p), do clinicals, field time & run 3 shifts per month with my rescue squad (they're paying for my paramedic class). My husband is also doing the same thing...
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    None for me yet...the few calls I've had that were dispatched as "possible labor" turned out not to be... We're in our Special Populations section of paramedic right now...& this semester, we do our L&D's all a little scary to me! All that screaming & pushing...yikes!
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    Volunteer Agency Recruitment

    Our squad offers paid training. Members of the community who want to join & be trained to EMT-B, Paramedic (or any of the "in between" levels we have here in VA). I'm taking the Paramedic class right now on their dime in exchange for my service back to them! It's awesome! Our squad also pays...
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    Ever concerned that you don't know enough?

    You will never be fully prepared for everything that's out others have said, we're all still never ends. But as you get more experience & exposure to the field, you'll be more confident... When I first started out, I was SUPER nervous, but I had some...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I don't feel so bad! I've dropped 2 in the toilet in the past year...not because I was on the toilet talking on the phone, but because on duty, I carry my cell phone on my belt & after unbuckling, the weight pulled it off right into the toilet. Ew!
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    EMT-Enhanced Course Entry Exam

    Hi, I've taken the VA Enhanced course (last semester) on my way to paramedic...& I didn't have to take a course entry exam...I have to say, I've not heard of it...
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    We carry them as well on our trucks.
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    Do you puke on a call?

    I haven't yet...I've come close (ie. little bit of a gag), but I haven't actually puked yet...I'm sure my day is coming...
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    Age when you joined EMS

    I've been at it for 3 years (started at age 36)...gawd, I'm old...
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    Hello From VA

    Hello from down in Virginia Beach!
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    Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    Ok...that is freakin' hilarious!
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    what do you do if you have downtime?

    Mostly study...