Starting an EMT course soon, looking to loose some weight


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I'm starting an EMT course soon, about 2 and a half months to be exact. Currently I weigh 224lb, & I would like to be about 150 - 165. I know, I know! That's a lot. But I'm only 5'2 & although my body "carries the weight good" (or so that's what people tell me) I definitely want to be smaller. The size my body is actually supposed to weigh. I have started eating less, I do as much exercise as I can with having a 1 year old & working. Any more tips on what I can do. Any supplements to curve appetite &/or be a sub for a meal? Any work out tips for mom & toddler?

Thanks in advance!


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honest answer? there are only two ways to lose weight: decrease caloric intake, and increase caloric utilization.

Some tips: exercise at least 4 days a week, daily if you can. some type of cardio is good, make sure you get sweaty. I try to do 30 minutes to hour a day, with the first 30 being a cardio (I'm trying to run more), with the other 30 being weight training (either with free weights if I'm at a gym, or bodyweight exercises, which happens more often then not, if I'm home). I have an almost 2 year old at home, so I know it gets tough.

Drink lots of water. drink water during the day, drink water before you eat. I have a 1500mL bottle with me at my desk, and it gets refilled at least once a day.

Keep track of what you eat. including snacks. We eat a lot more than we realize, so if you write down everything, you have an objective record. But keep drinking water.

I like as a reference site. The guy might be more blunt than many others (some might say he borders on being an arrogant jerk), but he's entertaining and his content is accurate.


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get a good walking stroller and take your child for a walk/jog 30-60 minutes a day. I don't have kids; so I have a 3 year hyper dog. I have lost 50 lbs in 6 months.