Racist Fire Departments


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I just went through a 24 week Fire academy, with a fire department I’ll respectfully not reveal.
The minute I entered the academy the fire lieutenants treated differently than the other 74 trainees. Maybe because my race , maybe because my size, possibly because the bit of experience that is my resume. I was harassed and target beyond belief. Two lieutenants accuse me of being in a gang In front of the entire academy. Told to do extra PT for no good reason. On many different occasions targeted and harangued me unlike any other trainee.

After completing 22 weeks of the academy I was terminated for bogus reasons. I passed all their test, put up with all their harassment , did everything they asked me to. “you didn’t pry a door open good enough”. 😨🖕🏿
I contacted a lawyer and civil rights bureau because I believe I was racially targeted.
I even had other trainees willing to testify in court for me, because it was clear to everyone the lieutenants were out to get me.
My question in this discussion is are fire departments known for this racist behavior ? The more research I do on fire departments ,the more evidence I find of departments treating minorities less than fair. Legacy firefighter family members are given job Preferences and qualified people that work hard are second class citizens.


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It’s going to vary greatly based on your area, the department, the station, and even specific crews. There are firefighters out there who are racist/sexist/ageist/etc.

As far as legacy firefighters that is once again going to be hit and miss. At some of our local city departments you are not allowed to work there if you have a relative who is working there.


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Your feelings may not be the only part of this equation. There ARE two sides.


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I'm not saying fire departments are racist; however you are asking a very inflammatory question, that that can be construed as offensive to many. Including those who were firefighters, were members of fire departments, and successfully passed their fire academy training.

Are their racists firefighters? absolutely. There are also racist cops, doctors, paramedics, accountants, teachers, reporters, garbage men, politicians, attorneys, etc. doesn't mean an entire profession is racist, nor does it mean that you were terminated for "bogus reasons" simply due to your race. you don't get terminated for "not prying a door open good enough," at least not without other factors.

Looking back on your previous posts, you had issues passing the NR exam in 2017, and I'm hoping finally passed it in 2018. I don't know anything about your race, nor do I care to; however, this is not the appropriate place to ask your question, nor do I think you were terminated solely for your race. However, if you feel you were wrongly terminated, you should contact legal counsel for proper advice on how to proceed.