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So I’m going to be beginning EMT school in NJ next month and the the course that I am taking prepares students mainly for NREMT.

I simply like to be prepared. Just something I’ve always done. I hate to be a figure it out when the time comes kind of person. I like to always have a plan set.

So here we go.

Once completing and hopefully passing the NREMT, I plan on working in NJ but there is a small chance later on I’m going to have to move to PA (Philadelphia specifically).

Now here’s my dumb obvious question. If the time comes where I might have to move, can I simply begin applying to jobs within Philadelphia with a NREMT or do I need to get certified with PA?

Jobs that I’ve looked at like AMR in Philadelphia state that I need to have a State Certification within PA or would I be able to apply with the NREMT.

If not then would I need to take the course all over again and take the State test there?


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I would suggest googling how two get respitosity for EMT in Pennsylvania. That will help answer one of your questions. And if you can just apply with an nremt... That is up to the agencies.


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so, if you have a PA EMT certs, you can work in NJ... with a PA cert... if you have a NY EMT cert, you can work in NJ... with a NY Cert. No reciprocity needed, unless your agency requires a NJ card.

however, working in PA with an out of state card is a little different, as there are regional councils which handle things. So you need to locate the regional council and see what their current procedure is. by Endorsement Packet for Provider.pdf

The link above shows the process for the EHS federation, but it should apply statewide. But still check with the regional council ( ) where you want to work to be sure.