Princess Cruises?


I have applied twice, once this year, once last year. Never herd back

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They are hiring again right now and are putting quite a few people through training classes and the like, unfortunately you won't be finding salary ranges because it is based off your experience and how well you are at negotiating your salary as well. They are a bit short on medical staff at this stage so it is a good time in order to get into it at the moment. Check the website again and reapply.


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Any news about current hiring needs for paramedics with Princess? I applied a few months ago but haven’t heard anything. Any info or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Great thread, thanks to everybody that has contributed!

Norwegian paramedic here, interested in giving this a try.
I did a cultural representative program in WDW 10 years ago, and had the best time of my life there, despite having the ****tiest job I have ever had (and the lowest pay). Had it not been for me having a kid now I would do it again years ago (except now it's not possible anyways bc covid).
I have worked a bit as a medic on sort of a cruise/ferry here in Norway and I found it a bit difficult to get to know people there. Part of it was probably that I was the only medical person on board, so I usually worked alone and was not part of a team or group like all of the other crew members. It was also part time, so I didn't work the full rotation like the rest of the crew, just 4 days every 28 days, which probably also made it a bit trickier becoming a part of the crew.
The job itself was pretty alright, a lot of similarities to how some the descriptions of the PCL job, except I was alone and did everything myself.

Is it easy to get to know the other crew members on board?
I guess it differs, but for the most part, what are the motivation of the other crew members? Are they there for the money or the experience?
Is the crew a good mix of people from all over the world or is a large percentage of the crew from one or a few countries?

From what I have read in this thread the experiences as a paramedic differ wildly.
What I would hope for working on a cruise is at least a couple of days off per week, getting to know people from a lot of different countries, being able to work out regularly, good food, and hopefully be able to see a couple of places during my rotation. It's the social bit I'm mostly interested in I guess, having spent most of my spare time the last 7 years being a father and my social life has been on the back burner for quite some time. If it would be just half as fun as in Disney I can put up with a lot of boring tasks at work.
Are my expectations realistic or am I likely to be disappointed?

What are the things you can do on board when you're off duty?

Do you stay on one ship per rotation or can you be relocated to another ship mid-rotation?

If you work during Christmas, is there any chance of having your family visiting?

Is it an option after having stayed with the company for a while to just do one 4(+-) month rotation per year?
It would be perfect to escape Norway around August/September when the summer is over and come back again around Christmas. The rest of the year is fine (or great) here, but the fall is really depressing and seems never-ending. Being away from my son 8 out of 12 months is fine for a couple of years but not every year for the next 5-10 years, or however long I would stick it out with PCL.

Assuming we are over the worst of the pandemic and things start returning to normal during the next 6 months or so, how are the chances of getting a job in the near future? Has the paramedics moved on to different careers or are a bunch of medics lined up and ready to go now?

I also have some questions regarding my personal situation, but I'll PM some of you who have contributed to this thread.


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RN's probably get more money but don't do the 24 hour first responder shifts of the medics. They sit in the clinic all day and with patients all day.


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Greetings to all, 35 year medic and looking for a change of pace and life. Started early on in ambulance when it was all small family businesses, then 29 years FD in a high gang land community with 15 plus ALS contacts daily.

Got into the medic life after pronouncing my son one Cmas eve, so the work and helping others beyond the basic medic slap and roll is important to me.

Everything I had read over the past months seems to fill a need; the continuance of care far beyond the usual drop them off and bail. Daughter is an RN, mother was an RN, this provides something more intimate and expanded scope.

The money is irrelevant, I am retiring. A person needs a reason to wake up in the morning, why not in a different port. Came from a early life of sales, Dale Carnegie trained so people have and are my business. I can hold a conversation with genuine interest, a great pleasure learning about others.

I will be asking some questions…