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  • I was hoping to have the ability to PM you but I don't seem to have that option. If have some time to answer some questions in regard to cruise ship job that would be great. Thank you.
    Hey Jason, are you still working the cruise ship industry? I'm really interested in learning more that, and hope I can ask you some more questions. I just signed in to EMTLIFE so that I could reach out to you. If you don't mind, would you contact me at medicricci@gmail.com? Thanks, Tony
    My fear is I get stuck on the ship where they don't let anything than 2 stripe officer mingle (hope it was a one off). I can put up with a room with no window but I suppose its only 4 months so if i don't like it I'll just come back to the Uk. Quite lucky in the UK as a paramedic can get a job anywhere in the country, they have a massive shortage. You still working for princess?
    Hi Jayson, not worked out how to send a PM yet :) I heard the royal caribbean rumour from a nurse who was at the assessment centre with me at the carnival group. She had worked for royal caribbean and her mate was in the midst of recruiting paramedics Yeh any UK contacts would be great as Id love to compare their experience.
    Hi there, random question...
    I was wondering if you could please tell me what type of shoes to wear as a Paramedic on a cruise ship??? I have no idea what the uniform will be. I have sent emails away asking but have not gotten an answer yet. Thanks so much. Debs.
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