Narcan, or Not.


Dodges Pucks
Community Leader
I don't get too worked up if non-medical folks end up pushing narcan when it's not indicated. I have no reason to expect that law enforcement will ever have significant patient assessment or airway management skills, it's far from a law enforcement duty and the experience to be proficient is not likely obtainable. If they want to learn, awesome, I'll help them get better at that as best I can. But I don't expect it. The idea that we should just give everyone a BVM is just not a practical solution.

Public use narcan will continue to expand. Inappropriate use will continue. But also, apneic opiate ODs will be reversed, and I'm cool with that trade. I'd prefer there be some suspicion of opiate OD at least, but I'm not gonna get too mad if it wasn't. A little on scene education might go a long way.

If a cop narcans a hypoglycemic, the patient will remain hypoglycemic until the ambulance arrives, just like they would have without the narcan.