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So my cousin, who is in a supervisory position in the ICU has boatloads of ICU time, but no ER experience has applied for Mercy at their new base in SDCo. He got a thanks but no thanks initially, then a call from AM asking him to come in and take the written test. Any guidelines on what he should study and/or prep for if he gets past the test. TIA.


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It’s an online proctored test. It covers a mix of things from 12-lead interpretation, pharmacology, burns, trauma, scenario based questions, how to calculate cerebral perfusion pressure, really basic ventilator questions.

If he passes the test then he will be invited to a phone/zoom interview. If he makes it past that phase then he will have an interview in Denver, CO with our clinical and HR teams (unless there have been any changes since COVID). From there if he is selected he will return to Denver for a 10 day orientation which is a mix of HR stuff, IT stuff, medical stuff including human cadaver lab, and flight operations. Then he will be assigned a preceptor at a base and start his training time.

In order to be cleared from training he has to pass 3rd rider testing which is a mix of 4 patient scenarios from all patient groups (adult, pediatric, infant/neonatal, HROB). The testing is done with our clinical education team and they have been trying to get one of our medical directors to attend the testing process. There is also a chance he could get send to Cleveland for our flight simulation lab.

Once he passes all of that then he will be cleared to operate as a normal member of the flight crew and will be given his shift schedule. The schedule at that base is very weird as of right now since it is a 12 hour base and is not staffed 24/7.
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Pretty spot on post from what I’ve heard from others who’ve gotten hired on with AM.