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Hey all, moving out to Colorado and looking for a job. Does anyone have any experience working in the Denver or Colorado Springs (preferred) area? I'd prefer to stay in a 911 response role, but wouldn't say no to a private company for a while until I get a better feel for the employment opportunity pool out there.

I've been in EMS for 10+ years, Nationally certified paramedic, 911 experience, most/all of the alphabet certs, etc. I've already applied to Falck Rocky Mountain and Denver Health Paramedics - was wondering if there are any other places to look into.

Any advice or links would be a help - thanks guys, stay safe


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Hi, I work for Denver Health, so if you have any questions I’m happy to help. Personally, I’d look at AMR Boulder before Falck. The Aurora System sucks, especially for medics. I know people that work for Thompson Valley (Loveland), UCHealth/Poudre Valley (Fort Collins), and Platte Valley (Brighton) and like it, so it’s worth looking into those agencies as well. They all do 911.

@Tigger knows more than me about the Colorado Springs Area.

If you haven’t already, get your application with the state started, the fingerprint background checks take a while for out-of-state applicants.


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For private EMS, Springs AMR is a pretty solid place to work. Colorado Springs Fire maintains "medical control" of scenes but compared to Aurora they are quite relaxed. There's some hard fire folks to work with (often you will be disappointed by their care), but they are pretty hands off. Equipment, guidelines, pay, supervisors, clinical education, and coworkers are solid. Expect to be busy, it's SSM system that doesn't have any excess capacity. You also will run much of rural El Paso County which is a nice diversion from typical EMS. However...the city contract is up to bid and Springs Fire has a bid in so some large changes could be on the horizon in the next month. Should AMR keep it, figure that you could easily get hired.

AMR is a good spot to get settled. Lots of small places in the springs area that will look favorably on a bit of local experience. Several of the transporting fire departments hire non-firefighter paramedics (Security, Fountain, Monument, Black Forest, and soon Falcon) with some frequency. Ute Pass and Southwest Teller are mountain third services west of Colorado Springs that have periodic opportunities. Centura hospitals also hire paramedics as expanded ED techs.


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Excellent feedback guys, thanks. Will definitely check out these other mentioned agencies.