FTO instructed me to “make up” vital signs


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I guess I’m just curious to know from other EMTs if this is standard practice in the field? I know in EMT school that respiratory rate was ALWAYS made up but HR, SPO2, BP, lung sounds, and pupils never were.

I decided that I’m not going to call my FTO out, but simply tell him I’M going to check vitals (all of them) for the practice.

Any thoughts?
Probably worth getting a somewhat accurate respiratory rate on respiratory patients. You’d be surprised how fast tachypneic patients can actually breathe and saying, oh they’re working hard, I’ll put down “24” might be less accurate than you desire and make your trending not very useful. Also through CQI we notice that many providers put down normal adult respiratory rates for pediatrics, which if were accurate would be cause for concern.

Otherwise, you’re doing the right thing.