1. T

    Field Training Program

    New to the forum so looking for help with a few things that I have been researching. Does anyone have a field training program that they would be willing to share their documentation forms and materials ? Looking for resources to help update and add to our current program. Thank You, Tyler...
  2. A

    FTO instructed me to “make up” vital signs

    Hey everybody, I’m new to the EMS field and just had my first shift yesterday. I’m working on a 911 BLS rig in one of the busiest areas of the nation. As the intro suggests, yesterday on shift I was surprised when my FTO and attendant both told me on several occasions to “make up” vitals for...
  3. Foxem

    Anything you wish you knew before starting Field Training?

    I'll be getting my FTO assigned to me here shortly and I wanted to know if there was any advice you guys could give me that might not be to obvious; or anything you would have done differently. As of right now, I'm just going into it with an open mind and a few hours of studying my response...