Female EMT Fitness


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-get into cooking your own food = portion control/healthier choices/fun to have friends over to help cook meals
-walk and explore your city, hide the car keys if your close to stores etc
-own a dog=workout buddy/motivator/ good for the soul
-if you dont own weights use books or soup cans to tone arms
-taking the stairs and skipping a stair is the equivalent of lunges
-keep a food/exercise diary
-swimming is fun too and burns a lot of calories
-try out new sports like tennis or badmitton, my friend and i look for fun/free things around our city to try out
-there are women on craigslist that post in the friends section that are looking for workout buddies who are at the same level/weight range (just be cautious)
-no more soda, switch to water or flavor your water with lemon/strawberries/ or cucumbers if plain water is boring
-most importantly though take a few days off and dont burn yourself out
and dont get too skinny cuz guys prefer curves anyways


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Talk to your doc about referring you to a nutritionist/dietician to help with the actual food part of it and as fas as exercise goes not everybody can afford a trainer (I can't) but local YMCAs offer a wide range of classes that you can join plus access to their gyms and pools for not alot of money.


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I'm currently in a strength training program with a gal who trains those for the fire fighter academy.

I also have asthma.

If you'd like to PM me, I could tell you what I do.

But for starters, if you're lookin' to strength train...you have to know how much protein you need in you A DAY! There's a formula. Once you know that, you need to eat every couple of hours. A protein shake or two a day would be good. GNC has some really good 100% Whey Protein in Cookies 'n' Cream and other flavors. Don't recommend the Strawberry.

If you're getting in 2 days a week on your arms, and 2 days a week on your legs...as far as training...that's fabulous. Just make sure that you take a day to work your CORE.

I'm actually quite thin and I needed to get more upper body strength...Somewhat of an opposite, but as you see, I have my own weak areas.

Let me know your thoughts.

I'm a soon to be 19 yo EMT student, who honestly needs to drop alot of weight and work on upper body strength. I have asthma, which causes me some grief, because it is exercise-induced. I want to be as good or better than the boys, but honestly dont know where do begin. Any workout regiment I have found for EMTs is for men trying to bulk up. I'm 5'2, and I can't do that much bulking up. Lol. I'm basically starting from scratch.:blush: