Ambulance Crew Blasted For Staging at a Shooting


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So, this councilman says because EMTs are there to help people they should rush into an unsafe scene, consequences be damned, to help people. We all know how well that would go over.

But using his own logic has the councilman ever thought that as an elected representative of his city, ultimately it's his responsibility to ensure the safety of his constituents? So, I'd expect him to be leading the charge into an unsafe scene, and at the same time I'd expect him to be able to use a BVM to assist the patient with ventilations, take a blood pressure, deal with the hemorrhage, put out a fire, round up stray dogs, and take down the guy with the gun.

EMTs aren't police officers for the most part, police officers aren't fire crews, and fire crews aren't city councilmen. I think the "good" councilman has watched too many movies where combat medics rush onto a battlefield as portrayed by Hollywood. He should pull his head out and join the rest of us in the real world.



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All I can say is - WT??????

I have to agree that the council member should have looked at the facts before opening his mouth. He is barking about 20 + mins ? How about the poor crews in rural areas or areas that are not covered by city or township police, and have to wait maybe over an hour for the state police or covering town police to respond ? The reality is it is getting to be more and more dangerous for us. Until we are allowed to carry weapons, have an amoured ambulance, etc.. I don't see us going to in unsafe scenes anytime soon. If the council member is that concerned, then he should move to get an ambulance that has an emt/medic that are also trained as police officers. Not only could they transport pt's, but can double as a patty wagon. Just saying.

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The ambulance service should publicize the written portion of their SOP and also from every standard text about scene safety.

This is a politician trying to muck up the court of public opinion.

The court of public opinion is usually when the private security guards did not intervene in the railway station during an assault...


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Let councilman Stokes come to my neck of the woods for a little while. I will give him the honor or responding out to our scenes here in the sticks without LE support. One of two things would happen: A- His opinion would quickly change or B-He would get shot by the locals. Either way, his opinion would change lol....


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MedicRob, awesome email, I think Stokes is thinking of a Tactical medic, or he should consider that for his Police force. Geat email though.
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