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  • Hey there, I have been reading a lot of your posts and comments, and they have been very helpful! I have been reading a lot on here also this past year, but have not posted much because I dont have any experience or much to say. I was wondering if we could email for a bit and i could ask you some questions, or if you could pm me(I cant pm because I dont have enough comments). I would really appreciate it! thanks
    I have a question. I just got offered a EMT-B position with Seniorcare, i wanted to know if there's anyway they might put me as a Dispatcher instead of EMT..I wouldnt want to work as a dispatcher, so i wanted to know how are there dispatchers selected?
    No, I'm currently completing my EMS AAS, since my medic cert is through a tech program from NY. Several members in my FD are doing John Tyler's hybrid program, since it's more schedule friendly than the medic/LPN > RN program. It may differ in your area. Contact the different counselors with each college and find out what their requirements and schedules look like, then compare the bridge to the traditional or hybrid program.
    I've only had the first orientation day so far, but I get a really good feel about the company. They seem to take good care of their employees. I'm going away to Iceland for a week-and-a-half for my sister's wedding though, will start work after that. I'm just packing now! So excited! :)
    Hey, just stopping by to say hi. You're posts are really informative. I appreciate a lot of the comments you've made on different threads.

    Just wanted to say thanks for that :)
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