A Stretcher to use as a lifting tool


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:rolleyes: Hi, I'm a first time user to this form, and the reason I
registered this forum, I thought I could get answers from any
of you folks that would know what I'm looking for and reason
of using it.

I have a question to ask if you could help with answers
or if any referals that you could give me.

Do any of you folks carry patient strechers?

I hope that any of you would except my unique inquiry.

I'm looking for a strecher if it can elivate up to 56 inches high
or higher. I thought of idea in a unique way is to use a strecher
as a lifting tool to support holding heavy item at elivated.
Like holding a 10 foot satellite dish antenna.

I don't need a matrist which is use on a strecher. I would put a
bord on it to have the edge of the 10 foot satellite dish to sit on
at elivation, so that I could we could work on adjustments on the
back of the satellite dish while it's elviated.

If I do not have anything underneath the satellite dish at
the elivation, and if I do the bolts adjustments on the back
of the satellite dish, then the great chances is that the
whole dish could collaps.

Do you have a strecher that's 6 feet long and would elivate up to
56 inches high or higher? And would lock in positons to wherever
we would want to elivate as a lifting tool.

If you do not carry a strecher, who would you refer me to that
may have what I'm looking for??

Hope all this helps with answers.

Eugene Cruz/Owner
Seattle, Washington


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Okay, let me see if I can clear this up for the rest of the group.

You want to mount a satellite dish onto a board which will mount onto a stretcher, so you can raise the dish an additional 56 inches? or

Is the dish 10' in diameter and you need to raise it 56 inches so that it will clear the ground?

First of all, to the best of my knowledge no one here is a dealer of EMS supplies, especially cots. So I don't anyone can sell you one.

Second, cots usually cost between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on which brand and model you buy. You may (should) be able to find a cheaper way to raise your satellite dish.

And third, just cause I'm an arse, the word is spelled elevate.

Hope this helps.


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Moved to the Wanted forum since it really didn't belong in the Feedback forum.

Also, to expound on Chimpie's comments:

1) Most stretchers have a weight restriction
2) It takes two people minimum to raise any stretcher
3) Stretchers are not the most stable platforms for anything, even with the wheel brakes set.
4) I don't know of any strecther that goes to 56 inches high, as this would make patients VERY nervous
5) You should be able to find some type of scissors lift to fufill your needs.

Oh yeah, welcome to the forum!


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Originally posted by ECruz68007@Mar 18 2005, 08:31 PM

Do any of you folks carry patient strechers?
Yeah... Um. I just can't help myself...

We usually hog tie them, strap em to the deer guard and take off. Only a few unlucky trips to we actully hit a deer. If the deer is dead, we leave the patient there and take the deer. :p


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I'm not sure how I missed this post :)

I dont think a stretcher is what you're looking for. A strecher is designed with a patient in mind, and I'm sure you can find some a lighter and more ergonomic device.

Cots look like a great solution to people on the street, but they're not easy to lift, and definitely require two people.

Good luck with your search!