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    Could I loose ability to practice?

    Ok. While going through the fire academy for AEMT I was accused of cheating on my final (I didn't) so I had a hearing and they said they think I did and i was expelled from the course and there for could not get my license or test for registry. They then said I would have to find somewhere else...
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    Okay so I am a newly certified EMT-B. Im applying for ICEMA and all those certs. I unfortunately over 3 years ago got a DUI they did not convict me till a year later. There was no accidents or Injuries. It was minor. But still a DUI. I recently found out that the STATE is going to deny my...
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    Question regarding the definition of "practice" and company licensure.

    As of right now, I am in sort of a sticky situation. I have spent several hours searching the web with little to no luck on this topic so I figured why not ask the question directly. Anyway, I recently became nationally certified through NREMT. I have applied for Arizona state licensure and...